Architecture and Build

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Inception to completion

Control maintenance

Our position as architects and project managers gives a unique perspective to our projects. It enables us to give equal consideration to design and construction issues whilst maintaining overall control of the project processes.

Project Delivery

We remain realistic in the complex world of design and construction management, understanding and appreciating that our clients expect delivery of their project on time, on budget and to the highest quality.

Effective Management

We achieve an efficient execution process and subsequently project success which entails good methods as regards organizing the project team and resources, ensuring all the aspects of the project scope statement are covered and ensuring effective communication with the project team members.

Value management

The application of value management and (or) performance procurement management increases the efficiency of project deliverables in our organization. We adopt these approaches at Contrati Designs to ensure the effective execution of our projects from inception to completion.


Modeling space to reflect aspirations

We at Contrati Designs Limited believe interior designing is a systematic approach to creating an interior space that fulfils specific goals through well guided analysis, research and coordinated methodology to achieve an ambience that satisfies the clients expectations Egronomics is a key part of our interior design philosophy. A clients field of work should be reflected in the theme of the interior space. These has to be a direct/indirect relation of the spaces and the product and (or) services provided by the performing organization, whilst also ensuring the interior design complements the external appearance of the building At Contrati Designs Limited, we offer itnerior designing as part of a project or independently, from initial concept through site implementation

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