Project management


Professional management from inception to completion

Control maintenance

Our position as architects and project managers gives a unique perspective to our projects. It enables us to give equal consideration to design and construction issues whilst maintaining overall control of the project processes.

Project Delivery

We remain realistic in the complex world of design and construction management, understanding and appreciating that our clients expect delivery of their project on time, on budget and to the highest quality.

Effective Management

We achieve an efficient execution process and subsequently project success which entails good methods as regards organizing the project team and resources, ensuring all the aspects of the project scope statement are covered and ensuring effective communication with the project team members.

Value management

The application of value management and (or) performance procurement management increases the efficiency of project deliverables in our organization. We adopt these approaches at Contrati Designs to ensure the effective execution of our projects from inception to completion.


Turning the vision into reality

Good Presentation

We understand the power of good visualizations and presentations. We can produce a range of specialist and unique presentations in various mediums depending on the requirements of the client and the project.

Sketch to Model

The presentations we produce can take the form of simple hand sketches through to complex real-time 'walk through’ models which allow people to explore the spaces created in a virtual real time environment.

BIM Software

Through the use of BIM software we are also able to utilize 3D models as a conceptual and design development tool. We presently deploy softwares such as Revit Architecture, Corel draw, 3dmax to effectively provide gains on several projects through execution time and better information communication.

Model Utilization

Utilizing the model within client discussions we are able to discuss projects with user groups and consultants evolving the design with them in real time, which helps them to understand and appreciate the spaces as they are being created.


Developing sustainable communities

We understand that where people live, work and spend their leisure time, and where communities can grow and neighborhoods develop, are places that need to be well planned, well designed and well maintained in order to provide a high quality of life.

Effective masterplanning of developments can help ensure the efficient, economical and sustainable use of space. It can contribute to the establishment and growth of sustainable communities and encourage ‘place-making’, thereby assisting the creation of high quality private and public realms.

Every development site, whether large or small, brings its own set of challenges. At Contrati Designs we believe that each site requires a unique approach. We aim to assist our clients to create developments that have a sense of ‘place’ that sit well in their surroundings, respond to both their natural and social contexts and create well-designed, economically viable and unique developments.

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