Strategic Concepts



Contrati Urban Renewal Systems

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URBAN RENEWAL is simply a construction system to restore obsolete, exixting buildings in develobed urban areas.

The need comes as a result of many factors such as;

  • revitalizing ageing decaying structures
  • enhancing building facade and character to contemporary styles
  • efficiently redesigning functional spaces to meet modern needs
  • Conserving ever limited natural resources
  • saving cost on development vis-a-vis over all reduced construction cost

CONTRATI through its research specifically to the Nigerian society deduced that considering time and cost, building rehabilitation is an extremely logical approach because it recognizes limited funds for new construction and the serious housing deficit, which makes not only optimizing existing structures or even destroying them for a new development extremely imprudent.



Contrati Alternative Building System

In line with the general preconception of people profit planet, we have through our research and development created (CABS) which simply focuses resources on the use of indigenous materials and construction systems that are solely suited to this environment.

Our intention is to make owning homes a much easier burden for the low/average income earners, whilst also striving to reduce the cost of premium developments

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